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Karen’s Cat Care offers a tailored home visiting service for your cat(s) and any additional small pets. Visits are usually in the morning only, but two daily visits are available for particularly anxious cats, indoor only cats or those that require medication. Visits will include feeding, water changing, bowl cleaning, grooming, tray emptying, floor sweeping and, of course, petting or playing with your cat. Your cat food timer can be set for evening meals.

Enquire now for a free no obligation consultation at your house to meet your cat(s) and to take down all necessary details and agree a care program for each of them individually.


Visits within 2 miles of WD3 5EY

1 visit per day – £14
2 visits per day – £28

Visits within 2-4 miles of WD3 5EY

1 visit per day – £17 
(one visit daily only)

All cat visits will be made at the same time each day +/- 1hr to ensure there is a routine whilst you’re away.

There may be an additional charge for more than 3 cats or when rabbits/fish are looked after as part of the same visit. Please note a hutch clean will be done every 5 days when caring for rabbits – £5 charge.


Pricing for bank holidays and school holidays

calendar of availability

Please note: Currently only confirming bookings up to the end of January 2024


  • Regular texts and photos during your trip to reassure you of your cat’s welfare.
  • Your house is visited daily in an unmarked car, not advertising your absence. 
  • Often called a ‘cat whisperer’, befriending anxious cats and trouble-shooting bad habits. 
  • Lots of free cat care and product advice available – a huge amount of experience gained after visiting many cats on different foods and litters.
  • Gardens are not left to frazzle during hot spells. Parcels are brought inside.
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cat named Evie
bunnies named Hazel and Maurice